The Power of Your Story – Acts 23:12-26:32

By John Bellingham on February 23, 2014
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The Power of Your Story

Acts 23:12-26:32


– In the closing chapters of Acts we see Paul making his defense before the Jews (21:37-23:11), before Roman Governors (23:12-25:12), and before Kings (25:13-26:32)

– Although Paul could have delivered lengthy speeches and sermons in his own defense, he instead chose to share his personal testimony!

– The personal testimony of Paul is of great importance to Luke since it’s repeated 3 times in the book of Acts (9:1-19; 22:1-21; 26:1-32)


The Value of Your Story

1)   Reminds us of God’s amazing grace at work in our lives

  • Prevents spiritual amnesia
  • Prevents spiritual apathy
  • Prevents spiritual attack

2)   Helps us Communicate the Gospel message to others who don’t know the Lord

  • Everyone has a unique story to tell!
  • Personal experiences are tough to refute!
  • Our contemporary North American culture loves to hear a good story

3)   Glorifies Jesus Christ!

  • In your own spiritual life
  • In the body of Christ
  • In the non-believing world


The Structure of Your Story

1)   Before I met Jesus Christ  (cf. 26:4-11)

  • Religious/ Spiritual background
  • Former attitudes and actions
  •  God’s sovereign preparation

2)   How I met Jesus Christ  (cf. 26:12-19)

  • Unique Elements of your story
  • Common Elements of every story
  1. God’s initiative in confronting us with the gospel
  2. God’s initiative in opening our eyes to see the truth
  3. Our response to God’s initiative: Repentance and Faith

3)   After I met Jesus Christ (cf. 26:19-23)

  • How did He change me?
  • How is He using me?
  •  How is His grace working in my life right now to make me more like Jesus?


Application Point:  Write out your salvation story this week if you’ve never done it!

–         Longer version

–         Short version

–         Be flexible in how you share and what elements you emphasize

–         Ask God for an opportunity to share

–         Be ready when the opportunity comes


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