Why Speak In Parables? – Mark 4:10-12

By John Bellingham on July 26, 2015
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Why Speak in Parables?

Mark 4:10-12

1)    The Disciples’ Dilemma – v. 10

  1. Parables are like riddles – perplexing at first, but obvious once you know the meaning
  2. The disciples had difficulty understanding Jesus’ Parable of Soils and wondered why He taught people with this unusual method

2)    The Rabbi’s Response – vv. 11-12

  1. Parables Reveal God’s Truth
    • The ‘secret’ of God’s Kingdom, largely hidden in the Old Testament, has now been revealed to God’s elect people
    • Jesus only provides the interpretation of this Parable to His disciples!  (vv. 13-20)
  2. Parables Conceal God’s Truth
    • Parables were an act of divine judgement against obstinate unbelief
      • Quotation from Isaiah 6 – parallel between ministry of Isaiah and Jesus
      • Jesus was unwilling to ‘cast pearls before swine’  – cf. Matt 7:6;  John 9:39
    • Gospel preaching reveals the true condition of the human heart  – it will either reveal the regenerating work of the Spirit, or the hardness of unbelief caused by our sin.

Application:  We cannot understand or respond to truth about Christ apart from the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts.   Preaching about Christ and His Kingdom has a two-fold purpose – it either softens the heart or confirms the hardness that is already there.  In either case God is glorified through the proclamation of His truth.



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