What Does God Require in 2013? – Micah 6:1-8

By John Bellingham on December 30, 2012
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 What Does God Require in 2013?

Micah 6:1-8


–         Micah 6:8 contains three “New Year’s Resolutions” that summarize the kind of community and the kind of citizens God wants us to be here in the city of Welland:

1)      “Do justice”

2)      “Love kindness”

3)      “Walk humbly with God”


Resolution #1: “Do Justice”

1. We are called to reflect justice to the world around us because the God we serve is completely just and righteous!

2. The three commands in 6:8 are not the basis of our salvation

  • They are given to people who are already in a covenant relationship with God (v. 4)
  • We are justified by grace alone through faith alone, but the faith that truly justifies is never alone – it is always accompanied by evidence!

3. Evangelicals have not always emphasized justice as much as we should!

  • Orthodoxy (believing the right things) and Orthopraxy (living the right way) must always stand together
  • The people in Judah wrongly assumed that the external formalities of worship were sufficient to please God

4. A commitment to “do justice” affects all of our relationships

  • It is an essential part of our witness to the community
  • It requires us to be on duty as Christ’s disciples 24/7
  • It summarizes the second half of the Ten Commandments
  • It compels us to pay attention and to take action!


Resolution #2:  “Love Kindness”

1. The word translated “kindness” or “mercy” is the Hebrew word “hesed” which is used to describe the character of God

  • Refers to God’s mercy in not treating our sins as they deserve
  • Refers to God’s kindness in providing a way of salvation
  • Refers to God’s loyalty in keeping His covenant

2. God wants us to reflect His “hesed” to people around us!

  • Kindness and mercy within our families
  • Forgiving others as Christ forgave us
  • Loving one another within the family of God


Resolution #3: “Walk Humbly with God”

1. The first two commands summarize the second half of the Ten Commandments – “Love your neighbour as yourself”

2. The third command summarizes the first half of the Ten Commandments – “Love God with all your strength”

3. The quality of our relationship with God undergirds the previous two ‘resolutions’

  • To ‘walk’ with God implies ongoing, moment by moment relationship with Him
  • To walk ‘humbly’ implies full reliance on Him for all of the resources we need
    • God’s Word
    • Prayer
    • Regular Fellowship with God’s People

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