Two Ways to Live – Psalm 1:1-2

By John Bellingham on May 13, 2012
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Two Ways to Live

Psalm 1:1-2


-Jesus tells us that there are two paths that we can walk: the broad way which leads to destruction and the narrow way which leads to eternal life (Matt 7:13-14)

-Psalm 1 is a “wisdom psalm” which illustrates the polarity between these two ways to live: the way of wisdom and the way of folly


I. Righteousness Considered Negatively (v. 1)

– “Blessed” really means “Happy”: a happy Christian is a holy Christian!

– Psalm 1 begins with 3 parallel statements about what the righteous man or woman is NOT to do:

1) To walk in the counsel of the wicked is to listen to the demonic wisdom of this world

2) To stand in the way of sinners is to participate in a lifestyle of rebellion toward God

3) To sit in the seat of scoffers is to adopt the mindset of an ungodly person and to blaspheme the Lord

– The decline from wisdom into folly is usually a gradual process: walk à stand à sit


II. Righteousness Considered Positively (v. 2)

-Delight in God’s law (“torah”) is an essential mark of every believer who is actively pursuing righteousness

– 3 Meanings of “torah”

1) The totality of God’s instruction (entire Bible)

2) The 5 books of Moses (Torah/ Penteteuch)

3) The 5 books/divisions of the Psalms



– Are you a happy Christian? A lack of satisfaction in your walk with Christ may be indicative of a lack of holiness in your daily life and vis versa

– Do you delight in God’s Word? Meditating continually on the truth contained in the Psalms will help plant your feet on the narrow way.

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