The Gentile Pentecost (Part 2) – Acts 10:24-11:18

By John Bellingham on July 7, 2013
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 The Gentile Pentecost (Part 2)

Acts 10:24-11:18


III. Preparation of the Gentiles (10:24-48)

1)     Peter was expecting one man, but God had prepared a crowd of eager listeners

2)     Faith comes by hearing

a.       Peter keeps the focus of his sermon on Jesus

b.      Cornelius was not accepted by God apart from personal faith in Christ

c.       The Spirit falls on the Gentiles while the sermon is being preached!

3)     Peter witnesses the ‘Gentile Pentecost’

a.       Eager men and women gathered in a house just as in Jerusalem (cf. 11:15)

b.      Supernatural sign of tongues given as evidence of Spirit Baptism


IV. Preparation of the Church (11:1-18)

1)     Peter’s actions in Joppa were sharply criticized by his fellow Jews

2)     God eased the Cultural Shock in two ways:

a.       Provided 6 Jewish witnesses in addition to Peter’s testimony (v. 12)

b.      Manifestation of tongues provided compelling evidence of God’s unfolding plan in a unique historical situation

3)     Effective missionary work requires us to identify prejudice and cross cultural boundaries!



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