Standing in the Judgment – Psalm 1:3-6; Psalm 26

By John Bellingham on May 20, 2012
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Standing in the Judgment

Psalm 1:3-6/ Psalm 26



–         Psalm 1 teaches us that the Day of the Lord is coming when all wickedness will be brought to justice.  We must all stand before God’s judgment seat


Outcome of Righteousness (v. 3)

–         The righteous person is pictured metaphorically as a beautiful and fruitful tree, firmly rooted in the soil

o       The tree is planted by God

o       The tree is nourished by God

o       The tree is prospered by God


Outcome of Wickedness  (vv. 3-6)

–         The wicked person is pictured metaphorically as “chaff” – the useless husk of the grain which is blown away by the slightest wind

o       Rootless “chaff” will not withstand the fierce winds of God’s judgment


How to Stand in the Judgment (Psalm 26)

–         Problem:  Not one of us possesses the perfect righteousness that God’s justice demands (Rom 3:10) How then will we stand in the final judgment??

–         Illustration: The Psalmist David claims in Psalm 26 to have lived a “blameless” life even though he was a murderer and an adulterer – How is this possible?

–         We must be credited with the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ to stand firm in the final judgment

o       Positional Righteousness – God treats us as though we possessed Christ’s righteousness

o       Actual Righteousness – God works in our hearts through the Holy Spirit to produce the fruit of righteousness



Do you have confidence that you will stand blameless in the judgment, covered by the righteousness of Christ, or are you trusting in something else?

Do you see evidence of Spiritual fruit that the Holy Spirit is producing in your life?



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