Salvation Through Motherhood – Exodus 2:1-10

By John Bellingham on May 8, 2016
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Salvation through Motherhood

Exodus 2:1-10

I.  Jochebed – A Woman of Conviction

1)     The Conviction to do Right

  1. Pharaoh’s Murderous Plot
    1. A New King in Egypt – v. 8
    2. Population control through slavery -vv 9-14
    3. Population control through genocide
      1. Mercy of the Midwives – vv. 15-21
      2. A Mandate to Murder – v. 22
  2. A Dangerous Pregnancy
    1. She could have aborted the baby
    2. She could have committed infanticide
    3. Like the Midwives, Jochebed chose civil disobedience at great risk to her family

2)     Conviction in God’s Ability to Save

  1. Jochebed and Amram are both commended to us in Hebrews 11:23 as models of faith
  2. Jochebed had some indication of God’s special favour on this child (v. 2, cf. Acts 7:20)
  3. Jochebed released her little boy to God’s care – not once but twice!!
    1. Realized that she couldn’t protect him indefinitely from the Pharaoh – v. 3
    2. Made an ‘ark’ and creatively complied with Pharoah’s order to cast the baby into the Nile
    3. Trusted fully in God on both occasions when she had to let her son go (v. 3 & v. 10)


– We cannot protect our children forever.  Once we’ve faithfully done our part as Christian moms and dads we must release them to the care of God

– By entering into an ‘ark’ Noah and his family were saved.  By entering into an ‘ark’ Moses’ (and ultimately Israel) were saved.   By entering into an ‘ark’ we too will be saved – Jesus is the only ‘ark’ that can save us from God’s righteous judgment against our sin.   (cf. 2 Peter 3:18-22)

II.  Miriam – A Woman of Courage

1)      Miriam was Moses’ older sister

  1. We do not learn her name until Exodus 15:20
  2. She was likely 6-10 years old at this time– old enough to intervene on behalf of her brother (in her second language!!) and young enough that she wasn’t yet working as a slave

2)     Miriam shows great initiative and courage

  1. No clear indication in the text that she was sent on this mission by her mother
  2. She is bold and courageous in calling out to the Egyptian princess
  3. She shows great wisdom in formulating this plan to bring her baby brother back home


– Do not underestimate God’s ability to work in and through our children at a young age

III.  Pharaoh’s Daughter – A Woman of Compassion

The ‘Good Samaritan of Egypt’ (Kevin DeYoung)

  1. Pharaoh’s daughter was not a worshipper of Yahweh, but she was still merciful and kind
    1. Original Sin did not annihilate the image of God in humanity
    2. The effects of Original Sin is being restrained in our world by God’s ‘Common Grace’
  2. She also took a risk in saving this Hebrew child



– The adoption of Moses by the Princess is a beautiful picture of the gospel.   God has adopted all believers into His family by an act of sovereign grace (cf. Romans 8)

– The story of these two women demonstrates the high calling and privilege of motherhood.     Don’t believe that lie that motherhood is a second rate calling!!

– This story demonstrates the wonder of God’s unfolding plan.   “A baby’s tears were God’s first weapon in his war against Egypt.”  – Warren Wiersbe

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