Mockery and Majesty – Mark 15:16-41

By John Bellingham on September 18, 2016
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Mockery and Majesty

Mark 15:16-41

 I.  The Mockery of the Cross

1)     Mockery from the Soldiers (vv. 16-20)

  1. Jesus has already undergone a brutal Roman flagellation that often resulted in death (v. 15)
  2. Soldiers who witnessed the trial before Pilate dress Him up as a king to further humiliate Him
  3. Jesus is spit upon and beaten – fulfillment of Isaiah 50: 5-7

2)     Mockery from Pilate (v. 26)

  1. Pilate affixed a sign to Jesus’ cross that read:  “The King of the Jews”
    1. Mockery of Israel’s Messianic hope
    2. Provocation of the Chief Priests – cf. John 19:19-22
  2. Pilate became an unwitting proclaimer of truth

3)     Mockery from the Bystanders (vv. 29-30)

  1. Bystanders repeat the slander brought forward by the false witnesses at Jesus’ trial
  2. Satanic temptation to ‘come down’
    1. It was within Jesus’ power to come down from the cross (cf. Matthew 26:53)
    2. Jesus did not come to earth save Himself – He came to save others!  (cf. Mark 10:45)

4)     Mockery from the Priests (vv. 31-32a)

  1. Priests verbally testify to Jesus’ saving work!  More blasphemy of the Holy Spirit
  2. Priests repeat the satanic temptation

5)     Mockery from the Thieves (v. 32b)

  1. Shows the natural hardness of the human heart – rebellion toward God even in death!
  2. One of the thieves was converted – cf. Luke 23

Application:   The sovereign plan of God is displayed through the wicked mistreatment of Jesus Christ.   In their effort to verbally assault Him, Jesus’ enemies end up proclaiming the truth about Him and fulfilling Biblical prophecy.

-Sometimes things can look very dark and grim for the Christian, but don’t be alarmed – God is still in control!

 II.  The Majesty of the Cross

1)     Simon of Cyrene (v. 21)

  1. A Jewish pilgrim from Africa (modern Libya)
  2. Conscripted by the Roman soldiers to carry Jesus’ cross down the Via Dolorosa
  3. Beheld the majesty of Jesus and was converted!
    1. Rufus and Simon’s wife are affectionately mentioned by Paul in Romans 16:13
    2. Mark’s Gospel was written for the Church in Rome during the time of Nero’s persecution

2)     The Roman Centurion (v. 39)

  1. Deeply moved by Jesus’ final words on the cross
  2. Saw the majestic glory of Jesus and verbally declared Him to be the ‘Son of God’
    1. Foreshadows the great ingathering of Gentiles in the New Covenant
    2. Brings Mark’s Gospel full circle (cf. 1:1)

3)     The Women (vv. 40-41)

  1. Beside John, women were the only followers of Jesus who stayed with Him to the bitter end
  2. The women who saw Jesus die on the cross were the first to see Him rise again

ApplicationEveryone witnessed the same gruesome scene of crucifixion but only a few men and women were able to perceive Jesus’ true majesty.   Salvation is a sovereign work of God’s grace in opening sin-blinded eyes to see the majesty of Christ – 2 Corinthians 4:6


III.  The Meaning of the Cross

1)     Supernatural Darkness (v. 33) – Jesus was cursed and forsaken by God so that we who believe in Him might be forgiven and set free from our sin.

2)     The Torn Curtain (v. 38) – Jesus’ death on the cross grants believers direct access to the Father.  He is the true Temple and the only Mediator between God and man.  (cf. Hebrews 10:20;  1 Timothy 2:5)

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