Forget Not His Benefits – Psalm 103:1-5

By John Bellingham on October 13, 2013
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Forget Not His Benefits

Psalm 103:1-5


– As human beings it is very easy to take our gracious God for granted and to forget about all of the blessings He’s given us in Christ.

– This Thanksgiving Sunday we are going to bless the Lord by recalling five ‘benefits’ He has lavished upon us:


I. The Lord Forgives our Iniquities (v. 3)

1)     The Hebrew word ‘iniquity’ means to ‘twist, bend or distort’

2)     Sin is a distortion of God’s intent for humanity

3)     The Lord in grace devised a plan for sinful, distorted people like us to be straightened out again!


II. The Lord Heals our Diseases (v. 3)

1)     Our ‘iniquities’ result in all kinds of spiritual problems that need God’s healing touch (ie. Pride, Greed, Lust, Sinful Anger, Addictions etc.)

2)     It is not enough to be forgiven (justification), we all need to be healed (sanctification)!

3)     God also heals us physically according to His sovereign will and purposes


III. The Lord Redeems us from the Pit (v. 4)

1)     The wonderful concept of ‘redemption’ is a strand that runs through the entire Bible

  • God made provisions in the Mosaic Law for the poor  and enslaved to be ‘redeemed’ from their oppression
  • God ‘redeemed’ His people from their slavery in Egypt
  • God’s gracious ‘redemption’ is beautifully pictured through the story of Ruth and Boaz

2)     God has ‘redeemed’ believers from their sin by sending His Son to die in their place – Jesus is the ultimate ‘Kinsman Redeemer’


IV. The Lord Crowns us (v. 4)

1)     The idea of crowning reveals the ‘prodigal’ nature of our God – His grace is utterly extravagant!

  • Story of Joseph – from the pit to the throne
  • God has pulled us out of the pit of sin and adopted us into His own family

2)     Believer’s have a brand new identity in Christ


V. The Lord Satisfies us (v. 5)

1)     Eternal life is Knowing God  (John 17:3)

2)     In Christ we have ‘abundant life’ (John 10:10)

3)     We have an eternal inheritance that is untouchable and unfading (1 Peter 1:3-5)

4)     We enjoy the continual presence and friendship of God through the indwelling Holy Spirit

5)     We have a personal invitation for ultimate Thanksgiving Feast (Isaiah 25)


Application:  Let’s bless the Lord in the congregation by remembering the great things He has done!


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