The Strong Man’s Weakness – Judges 14-15

By John Bellingham on June 15, 2014
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The Strong Man’s Weakness

Judges 14-15


– The story told in Judges 14-15 reveals a man with amazing spiritual potential who wasted it on worldly pursuits.  The story of Samson stands as a timeless warning against worldliness, and a reminder that our God remains faithful in spite of our worst flaws.

I. Impulsiveness

1)  With women and relationships

  • Samson’s wife (contrast with Othniel)
  • Samson’s sexual addiction

2)  With selfish retaliation and brutal violence

  • A selfish wager and an impossible riddle!
  • Burning the Philistine fields
  • ‘Jawbone hill’ (contrast with Shamgar)

II. Insensitivity

1)  To his Parents

  • Demands that they give him what he wants, when he wants
  • Defiles them by giving them food that was forbidden by God

2)  To God and the Law

  • Nazarite Vow (cf. Numbers 6)
  1. Samson touches dead animals throughout the narrative
  2. Samson goes to a drinking party
  • Samson’s Prayer and Praise
  1. Samson’s prayer in 15:18 is both rude and self-serving
  2. Samson praises himself instead of praising God (15:16)

III. Independence

1)  Samson’s activity as a ‘one man wrecking crew’ stands in stark contrast to the other judges

2)  Samson’s activity in these chapters show a remarkable lack of dependence upon God.


-Samson’s bad behaviour throughout these two chapters is totally inexcusable, but it’s amazing to see how God is able to use all of these things for His own sovereign purposes (cf. 14:4)

-The Spiritual gifts we possess and use (or misuse!) do not guarantee our spiritual maturity.



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